Joleen Timko, Research Associate (2008-2014)

Dr. Joleen Timko was a Research Associate with FACT. Currently she is the Manging Director of AFRICAD and a lecturer in International Forestry in the Faculty of Forestry at UBC. She has focused on biodiversity conservation for fifteen years, with research and employment spanning both professional and disciplinary lines. She draws on a breadth of scholarly inquiry from both the natural and social sciences to understand how we can best balance social and ecological systems. Dr. Timko has worked professionally with national and provincial governments, ENGOs and civil society, and research institutions, and is an editor of the peer-reviewed open-access journal Madagascar Conservation & Development. Joleen pursues three specific and overlapping areas of interest in her research programme: (1) poverty, livelihoods and forest conservation, (2) conservation and development, and (3) decentralization.