Current Lab Members

Gloria Borona, Ph.D. Candidate

Hometown: Nairobi, Kenya
Research Interests: Investigating people-forest relationships around Central Kenya’s Nyandarwa Forest: Understanding their sustainability through Indigenous Knowledge Systems

D’Arcy Davis-Case, Ph.D. Candidate

Hometown: Roberts Creek, British Columbia, Canada
Research Title: A study of the form, structure, and conditions for local autonomous monitoring in community forestry systems in Bhutan
Research Interests: Community forestry, ontology, epistemology, research methods, and forest management policy

Hollie Grant, Ph.D. Candidate

Co-Supervisor: Dr. Philippe Le Billon (Geography)

Hometown: Grassington, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Research Title: Forest-related violence in community-based forest management areas in Cambodia
Research Interests: Community-based forest management, forest-related violence, forced displacement, illegal logging, environmental subjectivity

Ngaio Hotte, Ph.D. Candidate

Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Research Title: How can trust be built among parties engaged in collaborative natural resource governance?
Research Interests: Trust, government-to-government relations, Indigenous communities, collaboration, natural resources

Robert Kozak, Ph.D., Professor and Dean of the Faculty of Forestry

Hometown:Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Research Interests:
Sustainable business management

Robyn MacIvor, M.Sc. Student

Hometown: Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
Research Title: Smallholder involvement in sustainable palm oil production, and transparency of certification bodies

Ana Elia Ramon-Hidalgo, Ph.D. Candidate

Hometown: Barcelona, Spain
Research Title: Community Ecotourism: The Role of Social Capital and Gender in Community Empowerment
Research Interests: Social capital, gender, empowerment, community ecotourism


Meike Siegner, Ph.D. Student

Co-Supervisor: Dr. Rajat Panwar (Forestry)

Hometown: Lake Constance, Germany
Research Interests: Non-profit-forestry industry interface, social enterprise, social entrepreneurship

Maria Fernanda Tomaselli, Ph.D. Candidate

Hometown: Quito, Ecuador
Research Title: Exploring Mental Models and Testing Framing Effects on Public Attitudes Towards an Ecological Economy Paradigm
Research Interests: Ecological economics, behavioural sustainability, environmental communications, framing, mental models

Andrea Vasquez-Fernandez, Ph.D. Student

Hometown: Lima, Peru
Research Title:
Indigenous Associations in the Peruvian Amazon: The Comuneros’ Perspectives 


Former Lab Members

Erin McGuigan, Ph.D. (2015)

Dissertation: Social Impact Assessment in Rural and Small-town British Columbia

Reem Hajjar, Post Doctoral Fellow (2011-2014)

Research Interests: Multi-level forest governance, community and small-scale forestry, international forest policy

Mariko Molander, M.Sc. (2014)

Thesis: Decolonizing the Mind: Centring Settler-Colonial Disposession and Mutually Contested Sovereignties in British Columbia's Forestry Landscape and Narrative

Antonia Barreau, M.Sc. (2014)

Thesis: Wild Edible Plant Knowledge and Traditional Food Systems in Mapuche Lands of the Andean Temperate Forests, Chile

Justin Bull, Ph.D. (2014)

Dissertation: The Paper to Digital Media Transition: Defining Sustainability in Media Supply Chains

Joleen Timko, Research Associate (2008-2014)

Research Interests: Poverty, livelihoods and forest conservation, conservation and development, and decentralization

Molly Moshofsky, M.Sc. (2014)

Thesis: Climate Change, Forests, and Communities: Identifying the Range of Acceptable Human Interventions in Forested Ecosystems

Dan Nadir, M.Sc. (2012)

Thesis: Red Alder: A Qualitative Supply Chain Analysis in Coastal British Columbia, Canada

Natalie Noel, M.Sc. (2012)

Thesis: Material Selection by Architects for Green Building Design

Dieudonné Alemagi, Post Doctoral Fellow (2008-2011)

Research Interests: Towards Sustainable Forest Management: A Case Study of Cameroon's Forest Industry

Andrew Norden, M.F. (2011)

M.F. Essay: Pine Mushrooms in BC: A Market Analysis

David Fell, Ph.D. (2010)

Dissertation: Wood in the Human Environment: Restorative Properties of Wood in the Built Indoor Environment

Wellington Spetic, M.Sc. (2004), Ph.D (2009)

Thesis: The Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) Survey of Canadian Households: A Focus on Indoor Air Quality Lighting, and Acoustics
Dissertation: Competitiveness and Sustainability: Perspectives from the Secondary Wood Industry of British Columbia, the Forest Industries of New Zealand, Chile, and Brazil, and the Sugarcane-Based Ethanol Industry of Brazil

Natalia Vidal, M.Sc. (2003), Ph.D. (2009)

Thesis: Chain of Custody Certification: Current Status and Level of Knowledge in the North American Solid Wood Sector
Dissertation: Diffusion, Adoption, and Implentation of Corporate Responsibility Practices in the Forest Sector: A Proposed Framework

François Robichaud, Ph.D. (2009)

Dissertation: The Role of Communications in Emerging Markets for Wood Products: The Case of Structural Wood Products in Nonresidential Construction

Rowan Eberle , M.Sc. (2009)

Thesis: Are Secondary Wood Products Environmentally Friendly? A Study of Public Perceptions

Aurelia Lefaix-Durand, Ph.D. (2008)

Dissertation: Customer-Supplier Relationships as a Means of Value Creation

Azadeh Faghihi, M.Sc. (2008)

Thesis: Compatibility of Alternative Livelihood Programs and Counter-Narcotics Efforts: A Development Dilemma in Afghanistan

Sarah Saddler, M.Sc. (2007)

Thesis: Echo Boomer Demographics: Housing in Japan and Environmental Perceptions of Consumers

Iain Macdonald, M.Sc. (2007)

Thesis: E-Learning as a Training Tool in the South African Furniture Industry: Pedagogical Techniques and Learner Support

Brian Jung, M.Sc. (2006)

Thesis: Development of an Industrial Image Acquisition System for the Measurement and Dimensional Control of Wood Furniture Components

Derek Thompson, M.Sc. (2005)

Thesis: Thermal Modification of Colour in Red Alder Wood

Priyangi Jayasinghe, M.Sc. (2005)

Thesis: Forest Certification in the Canadian Value-Added Wood Products Manufacturing Sector

Deborah DeLong, M.Sc. (2005)

Thesis: Benchmarking the Canadian Value-Added Wood Products Sector: Competitive Factors that Contribute to its Success

Christina Staudhammer, Ph.D. (2005)

Dissertation: Statistical Procedures for the Development of Real-Time Statistical Process Control (SPC) Systems in Lumber Manufacturing

Paul Thony, M.Sc. (2004)

Thesis: Assessment of the British Columbia Log and Timber Frame Manufacturing Industry

Jennifer Rice, M.Sc. (2004)

Thesis Title: An Analysis of Interior Wood Products and Their Psychological Impact

Helen Rasmussen, M.A.Sc. (2003)

Thesis: Shape Analysis for Real-Time Quality Systems in Automated Sawmills

Ichiro Matsuo, M.Sc. (2002)

Thesis: Russian Model Forest in Local Forest Politics: A Case Study of the Creation of a National Park within the Gassinski Model Forest

Erfan Tabarsi, M.Sc. (2001)

Thesis: A Market Assessment of the Potential for OSB Products in the North American Office Furniture and Door Manufacturing Industries

Antje Wahl, M.Sc. (2000)

Thesis: The Japanese Market for Wood Windows and Wood Flooring